Esports and gaming have no cultural, language or gender barriers or historical ties to one country or another. In esports and gaming everyone is equal and everyone has the opportunity to join in. It’s a social phenomenon driven by millions if not billions of people to compete, enjoy, laugh and share experiences from wherever they are comfortable being themselves. We Are Nations is the home of the Nations brand and we aim to embody the community we are proud to be a part of.

Nations designs and manufactures professional esportswear specifically for players to compete in ultimate comfort with #nodistractions. We design leisurewear for wearing off-line whilst chilling with your friends. We also partner with some of the world's most exciting professional esports teams, leagues, publishers and tournaments to make all our products available in your favourite team colours or to connect with your favourite game icons.

We Are Nations is also the home of Project N2, our streetwear collaboration brand that aims to represent the gaming element in the cultural mix alongside art, music, traditional sports and perhaps established brands who seek a gaming infusion.

Whatever your game, whatever your level of involvement or play, We Are Nations represents the esports and gaming community and our stated mission is to deliver for you and the community the product and retail experience you deserve.